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Thanks for stopping by my homepage.

My name is Stephan, I’m born in 1977 and I’m living near by Roskilde in Denmark. I’ve for a long time wanted to build my own homepage with some of my railpictures from around the world. A friend of mine, Thomas Hupfeldt, has then offered to help me and this is the result. Many thanks to him for helping me – I couldn’t made it without his help.

Allthough my main interest is diesellocomotives, pictures of electric and steamlocomotives also will find space on this homepage, since I’ve an interest in photographing as well. I hope this is ok 😉

I always wanted to be an engine driver, and I started at the DSB (Danish State Railways) in january 1999. Since then I’ve been to a couple of companies. My favourite is driving freight trains with GM-locomotives, as we have several of in Denmark. I also have education to drive trains in Sweden (Sweden and Denmark has two different signal systems).

I’ve been driving with several types of locomotives in my railroad-career:

GM-locomotives:                  MY (European version of the F7), MX, MZ, ME and Class 66
Electric locomotives:             EA, EG and 185/241
DMU:                                  MR and MF
EMU:                                  ER and ET
Small shunting locomotives: Köf 2 and Köf 3.
Cab cars:                            ABns, ADns-e and ABs

Companies and places I’ve been working at (dates is written the european way):
01.01.1999 – 16.06.2001: Engine driver                       DSB in Aarhus
17.06.2001 – 30.04.2002: Engine driver                       Railion at Copenhagen G (G=Freight station)
01.05.2002 – 31.12.2004: Engine driver                       DSB at Copenhagen H (H=Central station)
01.01.2005 – 30.06.2007: Engine driver and educator   DSB at Copenhagen H (H=Central station)
01.07.2007 – 30.09.2008: Engine driver and educator   MEV in Ringsted
01.10.2008 – 18.01.2009: Engine instructor                 MEV in Ringsted
19.01.2009 – 28.02.2010: Engine instructor                 HectorRail in Hoeje Taastrup
01.03.2010 – 14.08.2013: Engine instructor                 Railcare Denmark A/S
15.08.2013 – 28.02.2019: Engine instructor                 Captrain Denmark ApS                  01.03.2019 –                 : Engine instructor                 ContecRail ApS in Glostrup


From 2002 until 2016 I’ve been a volunteer engine driver at “DSB Museumstog” – The museum of the Danish State Railways. It’s mostly the “MY 1101″ from 1954 I’m driving. It’s equipped with a 16-567C GM-engine. It was the first GM-locomotive delivered to railways in Europe (except for the G12 “G12 7707″ – now “SJ T42 205″ demonstrator which came to Europe in 1953). Of other GM-locomotives in working condition DSB Museumstog have: “MZ 1401″ from 1967 – equipped with an 16-645E3, “MY 1159″ – the last build MY-locomotive from 1965, “MY 1135″ from 1957 and “MX 1001″ from 1960 – equipped with an 12-567C.

Here is a YouTube-clip with me driving a transport from Copenhagen to Randers (about 225 miles) with the MY 1101 – enjoy the sound:

Some shunting with MY 1101 in Gedser with me as engine driver – now is the line between Nykoebing F and Gedser abandoned:

It’s only MY 1101-1104 which have this loud sound. MY 1101 is in working condition. MY 1102 and MY 1103 are scrapped. MY 1104 still exist and stands in Tønder (near by the danish-german border).

The gallery “Mit arbejde” is with pictures from my work. Feel free to write me, if you want some additional informations about the pics, since the text to the pictures is only in danish.

The dates is written DD-MM-YYYY. I’m using the danish abbreviations in the picture-texts (it’s common in Denmark). If you are curious about the danish abbreviations, then please visit

I started photographing in 1990, went more serious in 1994 and finally went digital in 2006. I started with a Nikon D200 with a 18-70 f/3,5-5,6. It’s the camera I’m bringing with me on duty as an engineer. Then I’ve upgraded my other equipment to a Nikon D700 in year 2010 and in 2015 I’ve bought a Nikon D800. The lenses I’m using is Nikons 24-70 f/2,8 and 70-200 f/2,8.

I hope you will enjoy my homepage. If you have any questions, then feel free to mail me at

Best regards from Stephan Aller.